Anna Levin and Emma Marrington

    Thursday 8th April 2021 @ 7pm

    Double Bill talk with author Anna Levin & Emma Marrington of NightBlight

    Part 1 Incandescent - We Need to Talk About Light

    Our world is getting brighter - but is brighter always better? The living world evolved to an eternal rhythm of dawn-day-dusk-night... In her book 'Incandescent - We Need to Talk about Light,' journalist Anna Levin explores the consequences of disrupting this rhythm, on human health and the rest of the natural world.

    About Anna

    Anna Levin is an author, editor and journalist with a special interest in wildlife and people’s connections to the natural world and the night sky. A former editor
 with BBC Wildlife Magazine, she has been freelance for 20 years, working for a diverse range of publications and environmental organisations. She often works in collaboration with photographers and is currently a caption writer for the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. Her new title with photographer Laurie Campbell Ripples on the River – Celebrating the Return of the Otter will be published in August (Bloomsbury Wildlife 2021). Anna’s most recent book, Incandescent: We Need to Talk About Light (Saraband 2019) explores the impact of recent changes in both the quality and quantity of artificial light. She argues that we underestimate the power and importance of light and its impact on nature, the built environment and on human health and wellbeing.

    Part 2 Night Blight and the countryside

    A starry night sky is one of the most magical sights of the countryside - but we want more people to have a chance to experience this amazing sight wherever they live. We will explore CPRE's campaigning to tackle light pollution and to help protect and enhance dark skies.

    About Emma

    Emma is one of the longest standing members of CPRE’s staff and has worked for the organisation since 2005. Prior to this she worked at the Ramblers for a year and studied Geography at University. She has worked on a wide range of issues over the years and written several reports, as well as being a media spokesperson for CPRE. Emma is CPRE’s lead expert on light pollution and dark skies, and led the creation of the well-known ‘Night Blight’ mapping and dedicated website: In 2014, she authored CPRE’s ‘Shedding Light’ report, based on how councils manage lighting as part of planning and their management of street lighting. Emma works with the APPG for Dark Skies, including on the publication of their ‘Ten Dark Sky policies for the government’ in December 2020. She also leads CPRE’s Star Count, with the most recent event taking place in February 2021.

    Welcome to Mayo Dark Sky Park. Mayo is now home to Ireland’s first International Dark Sky Park, showcasing some of the darkest, most pristine skies in the world.

    Where the darkest skies reveal the brightest stars.


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