Observe the Moon Night

    International Observe the Moon 2020

    Observe the Moon Night is coming up on the 26th September. Each year we mark this, usually with an event but 2020 is no ordinary year!
    However, moon gazing is something everyone can do from home and we encourage you to get out and take a look at our nearest neighbour in the Sky. You can do this from your garden or why not visit the Mayo Dark Sky Park - see our recommended viewing points at the following link: http://www.mayodarkskypark.ie/visit/viewing-points
    The first quarter phase is a good time for viewing the moon along the terminator (the line between light and dark), as shadows enhance the Moon’s features more clearly.
    Take a look at this guide/resource with loads of information, moon maps and activities for all the family! 
    You can register and be part of the worldwide event, even if it’s just a family evening from your own home.
    See the following link for more details:
    Mayo Dark Sky Festival 2020
    2020 International Dark Sky Week

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    Welcome to Mayo Dark Sky Park. Mayo is now home to Ireland’s first International Dark Sky Park, showcasing some of the darkest, most pristine skies in the world.

    Where the darkest skies reveal the brightest stars.


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